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Bread Sculpture

ENTRY: Thursday, July 22, 1:00-6:00 pm

JUDGING: Thursday, July 22, 6:00 pm

EXHIBIT RELEASE: Sunday, July 25, 4:00-5:00 pm


1.    Bread sculpture may be constructed from homemade or purchased frozen yeast dough.  Entries will not be tasted.

2.    Seeds, herbs, grains, edible decorative toppings, and icings may be used. The use of a food-grade stencil or food-grade stamps may be used.

3.    Dough may be colored with food-grade colorings or spices. Sculpture may be painted with food-grade paint, natural colors and extracts or egg yolk paint. Do NOT use craft paint on bread.

4.    No size restrictions. However, for small (under 5 inches) sculptures, 3 examples should be entered. (ex: bunnies, turtles).

5.    All sculptures must be received on a sturdy, disposable plate, board, or tray and will remain on display throughout the fair.

6.    Sculpture does not have to be baked in one piece.

7.    Sculpture can be pieced together by adhesive, hot glue, or other means like wire, dowel rods, or toothpicks to connect pieces.

8.    Sculpture may be sprayed with clear acrylic or lacquer to preserve sculpture.

9.    Entries will be judged on creativity, execution, visual impact, and color design.

10.  Limited to one entry per person.  Members of a team may not enter items into individual categories.

11.  For ideas, see the Kansas Wheat Commission’s website at

12.  Premiums are as follows:

First place - $40;

Second place - $30;

Third place - $20.

Winner must pick up premium check by the end of the fair.


Class #

Class Description


Youth (ages up to 13)  one large item OR three small (duplicate) items


Teen (ages 14-18)  one large item OR three small (duplicate) items


Adult (age 19 and above)  one large item OR three small (duplicate) items


Team (any ages)  a scene/display with more than one bread sculptured item.

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