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Fair Board Livestock Senior Show ( Ages 20-120)

Saturday, July 24, 1:00-4:00 pm

Arrival Time/ Weigh-in: The animals that are eligible to participate must already be on fair premises, weighed in, and shown by a participating 4-H or FFA member.

Judging: The open classes for each show will be directly following the show for each species, the schedule is as follows:

* Thursday: Swine Show

* Friday Morning: Sheep Show

* Friday: Beef Show and Meat Goat Show

* Saturday: Dairy Goat and Dairy Cattle Show

Superintendents: Megan VanGordon and Becky Collom

Helpers: Dylan Collom, Jacob Lynch


1.    Pre-entry forms are not needed for this event; all entries will be accepted for the duration of each species show.

2.    This is a PAID event in which all funds will go back to the 4-H and FFA members that participate in fair. The money will all go into a fund for an Educational Grant that will be dispersed by the livestock committee.

3.  Cost: The cost of this event is $15 to nominate yourself or another person to show an animal in a given class. If you nominate someone else please note that we will not release who all is nominated until the end. Multiple nominations will be accepted and allowed.

4.  If a nominated showman doesn’t wish to participate and would still like to support the event, they can make a $25.00 donation in place of showing an animal.

5.  If you nominate yourself or another party you must secure the animal that will be shown.

6.  The animals that will be used are animals that the 4-H and FFA members have already shown in that division. The participants have full rights to deny use of their animals, as they are fully responsible for their animals.

7.  The classes will be:

a. Swine Showmanship

b. Sheep Showmanship

c. Beef Cattle Showmanship

d. Goat Showmanship

e. Dairy Cattle Showmanship

8.    Multiple classes may be held per species if time and participation interest permits.

9.    Please do not nominate someone in a species that they are not comfortable with. 4-H and FFA members may/ should ask participants to go through a short “how-to” with them first.

10. Helpers will be onsite and in the ring to ensure the safety of the animals and the participants.

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