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ENTRY: Thursday, July 22, 1:00-6:00 pm

JUDGING: Thursday, July 22, 6:00 pm

EXHIBIT RELEASE: Sunday, July 25, 4:00-5:00 pm


1.    Exhibits will be judged and ranked in each class according to merit. Ribbons will be awarded to the top eight entries.

2.    Only one entry per class per exhibitor. (Classes 5500-5525)

3.    Cut flower specimens must be grown by the exhibitor. (Classes 5500-5523)

4.    Cut flower specimens need to have variety and specimen name on entry card.

5.    Cut flower specimens must be displayed in clear, CLEAN, inexpensive GLASS containers or vases (that can be disposed of if not claimed at close of fair). NO plastic water bottles. Container should be in proportion to the specimen.

6.    Refer to information pamphlet “Prepareing Cut Flowers and Houseplants for Exhibit”, 4H-826 for proper exhibiting guidelines.

7.    Exhibitor may enter up to three Floral Design Arrangements (Classes 5540-5548). See “Floral Design Guide” for help.

8.    Exhibitor shall furnish containers appropriate for the Floral Design and other necessary items.

9.    Floral Design Arrangements should be made from garden grown and/or collected materials. Purchased materials are acceptable. Artificial flowers are not allowed. See “Floral Design Guide”.

10. Miniature Arrangements should be no bigger than 6 inches in height, width, or depth with container no taller than 2 inches. See “Floral Design Guide”.

11. Dried materials must be clean and in good condition.

12. Entries should not take over two square feet of table space.

13. The County Fair will NOT be responsible for the loss, damage, or storage of any flower arrangements, vases, or containers. Containers cannot be picked up until release time on Sunday.

14. Exhibitor is responsible for maintaining water in Floriculture exhibits during the fair.


Class #

Class Description


Any perennials - 1 to 3 flowers with foliage


Any annual - 1 to 3 flowers with foliage


Any Bulbs, corms, tubers - one stem


Any Rose with foliage


Combination Planter – 3 or more different plants with the same growing requirements.


Dish Garden Planter– Cacti and/or succulents with a “landscape” feel.


Floral Design Arrangement for dining table


Floral Design Vertical arrangement

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